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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Oh, My Word! iPhone/iPod Touch Game Review (Mobile Pie)

Oh, My Word! iPhone/iPod Touch Game ReviewOh, My Word! is a very straight-forward game to get started with. The goal is to guess the hidden five letter word (which is the middle row in the screen shot) and, with each guess, you are told whether your guess falls above or below the hidden word in the dictionary. The challenge points are that you have a total of 50 guesses (and non-dictionary words use up a guess) and three hints (in total - not per word).

The problem with this game is that there just isn't enough here to hold my attention. I found myself guessing pluralized four letter and five letter words attempting to narrow down the word choices and I would often get to the point where the word bands (the upper and lower words) differed by two letters. The hints are also fairly non-helpful as you only get three for the whole game and you can only get a hint for one of the last three letters of the word. When too many of the hidden words seem to be plurals, it isn't much help to know that the last letter (or last two letters) are "S" (or "ES"). I tried the game multiple times and too often found myself trying to figure out a five letter word that falls between (i.e.) 'SHARES' and 'STARES'. While Oh, My Word! isn't a bad game, I'm not a Scrabble fan and this game didn't connect with me either.

Oh, My Word! is available in a free (advertiser supported) version and a paid version for .99 cents. If anyone is interested in trying the game, the free version will be more than fine for most people as it shows just one (slow to load) ad for Pearl Jam's new disc before the game.

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