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Friday, October 09, 2009

Tournament - "Years Old" CD Review (Forcefield Records) / Show at Lit Lounge on 10/19

DOWNLOAD: Tournament - "Walking Negative Man" (Live on WFMU)

Tournament - Years Old CD Review (Forcefield Records)Brooklyn noise-rockers Tournament are playing Precious Metal @ Lit Lounge on Oct. 19th and this seemed to be a great reason to finally get a review of the band's latest disc posted.

Tournament's latest disc Years Old was released by Forcefield Records earlier this summer and this 10-track full-length follows the band's 2007 debut EP "Swordswallower". Tournament plays aggressive, fast-paced noise rock in the style of 80/90's bands like Jesus Lizard, Big Black and early Mudhoney. Similar to many of the aforementioned bands, Sean Kraft's throat shredding vocals are buried beneath a wall of squalling feedback, blues(ish) guitar riffs and hammering bass lines. The band keeps things interesting by slowing down to a Swans' style dirge mid-disc on the instrumental cut "From the Mouths of Non-Believers" before returning to their speaker-shredding core. The rawness of the production adds to the band's sound - all of the music was recorded live to 2" tape.

For the Lit Lounge show, Tournament is playing with Raise the Red Lantern (At A Loss Records) and God’s Revolver (Translation Loss Records); cover is $6.