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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Alex Walker Releases New Single through Brian Grosz's

DOWNLOAD: Alex Walker - "Sacrifice" (MP3)

Alex Walker Releases New Single through LapdanceAcademy.comWow - I've really fallen behind as Alex Walker's single came out a few weeks back.

Guitarist Alex Walker has new single "Sacrifice" that has a low-fi dub groove that is reminiscent of early Basehead. For anyone not familiar with Alex Walker's music, he has been around the NYC scene for a number of years and has played in bands that range from Aloke (Steve Albini produced their last disc) to the amplified chamber group Electric Kompany.

"Singing an ode to sacrifice is a form of sacrifice in itself. What you end up sacrificing is the time and presence not being trapped in song. So often we go about life not suspended at all, with little to no awe in our daily routine, that we forget to stop and breathe that rush of animation, that elixir of our reality, the tonic that is the moment. This song is an offering to that possibility." -- Alex Walker, 2009

The new single is out on Brian Grosz's Lapdance Academy label and is a free download. Label magnate Brian Grosz's belief is "People are going to ignore it or find a way to get it for free if you slap a price tag on your music...I think that If you're going to get screwed, you should at least get to pick the position and the safe-word so you can try to enjoy yourself."

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