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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Robocalypse: iPhone/iPod Touch Game Review (Vogster)

Robocalypse - iPhone/iPod Touch Game Review (Vogster)Robocalypse is a new game from Vogster Entertainment that combines elements of real-time strategy (RTS) games with arcade style "shoot 'em up" which makes for a very enjoyable game.

The plot of the game is that an accident happens at the Thermidoom factory and the A.I. routines of polite, state-of-the-art toasters are accidentally installed into Thermidoom′s other product line - Killer Military Robots. After unleashing these evil (but polite) robots who are bent on destroying the world, uber-geek programmer Myron Mako creates a new batch of robots and implants their memories with brain scans from retired WWII veterans. The game action takes places as you (Myron) command these robots in their fight against the evil Demolisher robot and his minions.

There are two main features that separate Robocalypse from many of the other RTS games on the market. The first is that the game doesn't take itself too seriously. The story line, cuts scenes and voice-overs add a welcome element of humor to the RTS genre. The storyline was written by Jay Lender (SpongeBob Squarepants) and Micah Wright (Angry Beavers).

Robocalypse - iPhone Screen ShotThe second feature is that the game is infinitely easier to get started with than many comparable RTS games. Many of the RTS games that I've recently played require a multi-hour commitment to be able to accomplish much of anything. Often these same games require the same time commitment to get out of the 'preamble' (outfitting ships, men, exploring the initial local, etc.) and into the main storyline. You can get through the first of the seventeen missions in Robocalypse fairly easily and learn the game as you play.

There are seventeen missions within the game, each of which includes both primary and secondary assignments along with hidden objectives that you can uncover through exploration of the terrain. You have six heros that you can directly control (heros can be built in a 'Hero Factory' - which requires you to have sufficient scrap metal and batteries) and a number of bots (Builder, Soldier, Medic) which you can control by placing 'action' and 'defend' flags on the screen. Once again, you need to have sufficient resources (scrap metal and batteries) to maintain your army and its factories. Missions range from the straight-forward destruction of enemy bases/structures to the time-boxed objectives where you need to defend a structure or area for a set amount of time.

Robocalypse was released earlier this month at a price of $4.99 but is currently on sale in the AppStore for $2.99.

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