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Monday, January 18, 2010

iPhone Game Review: Frogger Turns 29 / Adds Facebook Connectivity (Konami Digital)

Konami Releases Improved Version of  Frogger with Facebook ConnectionKonami has done a lot to improve Frogger since its original release in 2008 (as a $9.99 app no less). Frogger is now .99 cents in the AppStore and it is a solid port of the original arcade game.

Like the original arcade game, the game concept is extremely simple. You have to move five frogs across the road and river and get them into each of five spaces at the top of the screen before the timer runs out. The space on the far left is the most challenging as your timing has to be near-perfect. This is certainly doable though as I got up to level four fairly quickly.

You control the frog by sliding your finger across the screen and you can move your frog from anywhere on the screen. (You have the option to change the controls to move your frog by tapping or tilting but controlling the frog by either of these methods is a dubious prospect that generally leads to a very quick game). As you complete each level, the obstacles grow. The cars on the road move faster, the turtles dive under water and there are snakes and alligators in the river.

Staying true to the original arcade game, Komani has added the option to switch the display to"Classic Graphics". On the more modern side, Frogger is now more tightly integrated with Facebook and offers a "Facebook share" function.

There is a reason that this game is on the AppStore's list of "Top 10 Paid Games" as it is a great game for whenever you have a couple minutes of downtime. For anyone like myself who spent more than a few quarters on the original arcade game, this price is definitely right for this application.