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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nick Oliveri - Death Acoustic CD Review (MVD/Impedance)

Nick Oliveri - Death Acoustic CD ReviewNick Oliveri is currently touring behind his second solo CD, Death Acoustic, and the tour stops at Piano's next Saturday night (Jan. 23rd). Oliveri is playing with Weird Owl (Tee Pee Records) and Goes Cube (The End Records) and advance tickets are $10.

Death Acoustic is a collection of mostly covers with the majority of the songs coming from bands that Oliveri has played with in the past. While this is an acoustic collection, there is nothing soft or gentle about some of Nick's reinterpretations of some of these songs. Nick attacks songs like Raw Power's "Start a Fight" (the disc's opener) and new song "Invisible Like The Sky" with an aggressive brutality that will make listeners never again associate acoustic with emo. From this point, Oliveri goes into a raw cover of The Dwarves' "Dairy Queen" and melodic stripped-down version of QOTSA's "I'm Gonna Leave You".

I don't think I've appreciated the diversity of Oliveri's vocal styles prior to this release. Nick delivers a cover of Kyuss' "Love Has Past Me By" in a gutter punk voice and goes from there to frenzied screamed/spat vocals on a cover of the Moistboyz's "U Blow". One of the highlights of the disc is a melodic and lilting cover of The Misfits' "Hybrid Moments" which features double-tracked vocals.

The disc wraps up with a fuzzed-out version of Mondo Generator's "Unless I Can Kill" which captures the intensity of the original song, a straight-forward melodic cover of The Dwarves' "Follow Me" and a reworking of G.G. Allin's "Outlaw Scumfuc". On this last track, Oliveri goes beyond the song's original version and gets closer to the outlaw country sounds of Hank Williams than G.G. Allin was ever able to.

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