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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kites With Lights - The Weight of Your Heart CD EP Review

DOWNLOAD: Kites with Lights - "The Weight of Your Heart"

Kites With Lights - 'The Weight of Your Heart' CD EP ReviewKites With Lights' debut five-track EP, The Weight of Your Heart, was released last August but its sound fits perfectly with the techno-pop bands from the early to mid 80's.

Kites With Lights is the brainchild of one-man band Jonah Cordy who gives each song a full sound that would fit perfectly alongside bands like New Order, OMD and Dream Academy. Jonah has a cool and subdued voice, which is complemented by shimmering, dreamy keyboards and a pulsing dance beat that pulls you into the melody of each of the songs. This is late-night dance music that will have you swaying on the dance floor in a euphoric haze.

The Weight of Your Heart is an impressive debut and Jonah Cordy has certainly been keeping busy since its release. Check out the Kites with Lights remix of Pocket featuring Mark Burgess (from the Chameleons) or the band's cover of "Dream Attack" from the forthcoming CD Ceremony - A New Order Tribute.

Kites With Lights