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Saturday, January 09, 2010

White Mice - Ganjahovahdose CD Review / Show at Death by Audio on Jan. 15th

White Mice - Ganjahovahdose CD Review (20 Buck Spin)Providence, RI noise rock wackos are back in down next Friday night (Jan. 15th) for a show at Death By Audio with Liturgy and Little Women.

White Mice's latest release is Ganjahovahdose (20 Buck Spin) which came out last October. On this release, the band sticks to their tried and true formula of combining groove-oriented noise rock with an adolescent sense of humor that ranges from religious blasphemy to an obsession with cheese.

White Mice are one of those bands that your friends will never understand. The band performs in bloody mouse costumes and the new disc contains songs entitled "Placenta The Crotchtower", "The Shroud of Urine" and The Crapture". This alone should tell you a lot about the band's toilet-humor based outlook on life.

Ganjahovahdose is a sticky, sludgy mess that comes on like the inbred bastard child of the Butthole Surfers and The Jesus Lizard. This is loud, rumbling noise rock that careens off in multiple directions and production values be damned. The vocals are completely buried in the mix and range from black metal growls to tortured (likely) drug-induced yammering. What adds to the fun is that between the songs, there are snippets of dialogue and crazed sounds bites. One example of this is the 911 tape of the Michigan cop who called for emergency assistance because he thought he was dead from eating pot brownies.

The funny thing is that, beneath all this cacaphony and noise, there are some solid bass/drums melodic grooves that make it hard to get these songs out of your head.

White Mice