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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Heidi Marie (Canfield) - "Demo EP" CD Review

Heidi Marie (Canfield) - 'Five-Song CD' EP Review
Heidi Marie (Canfield) is a Vancouver, WA based singer/songwriter who (thankfully) doesn’t seem to want to fit into the typical female singer/songwriter (aka Indigo Girl) clichĂ©.  Her new "Demo EP" (which is streaming on her website) falls into the pop/rock genre but the songs have an edge.  Most of the songs utilize prominent piano, which leads to easy comparisons to Tori Amos (though Heidi Marie has a bit more pop/gloss around her music) but there are a couple tracks with driving rhythms and metallic guitar riffs that inspire comparisons to artists like Vixen and Lee Aaron.  Regardless of the comparisons, Heidi Marie’s music should strike a familiar and positive chord with fans of Top 40 radio.

All of the songs on the EPs are different variations of “breakup songs” – any and all of which will probably turn up on whatever shows have taken the place of what used to run on the WB Network.  “How Do You Deal” starts with a multi-layered instrumental build-up before picking up steam with a dance club beat and ultimately heading into the Vixen-style pop-metal body of the song.  “Toxic Love” is a sultry number with a pulsing dance-floor beat.   “Bring Me Down” moves back into the rock n’ roll and is a burning guitar-driven number which is probably the strongest track on the disc.  Changing gears, “Lost in the Memories” is a piano-driven torch song where Heidi Marie’s plaintive vocals are backed with symphonic strings.  The EP closes with another pop-metal song, “Sing to Me Tonight” which follows in the same spirit as “Bring Me Down”.

Heidi Marie (Canfield)