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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

World War IX - "Bender Royale" CD EP Review (Hardcore)

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Wold War IX - 'Bender Royale' CD EP Review (Hardcore)
Brooklyn punks World War IX play sardonic, hardcore punk in the spirit of Damaged-era Black Flag. The band’s new 5-track EP, "Bender Royale", blasts by in 8 minutes and all of the songs are well under the two-minute mark. The band is led by self-proclaimed G.G. Allin obsessionist, comic book artist and guitarist - Justin Melkmann – and has been kicking around the scene since 2002.

Like all good hardcore bands, World War IX has been through a number of lineup changes over the last ten years and this disc features newcomers Filthy Phill on vocals, and Brian “Chinatown” Jackson on bass. All of the songs are shout-alongs and Phill delivers his vocals with a snarl. The band has an outlook on life somewhat like The Meatmen and seems to be equal opportunists in their dislike for everyone and everything around them. Songs rail against “Sore Winner[s]” (which has the classic line – “Even if you win, you are still an assh*le”) and “Keyboard Commando[s]” (for anyone who doesn’t know what this means – try reading the comments on Blabbermouth). The band starts to lighten up a bit with their homage to oi (“Oi Revult”) and end things with a tribute to drunken benders (“Bender Royale”).

World War IX Live Shows
Sept. 08 - The Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY
Oct. 06 - Sinclair's Pub, West Babylon, NY
Oct. 20 - The Acheron, Brooklyn, NY

World War IX