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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sally (the band) - "We Are In a Car" EP CD Review (Twee Pop)

Sally (the band) - "We Are In a Car" EP CD Review (Twee Pop)
Sally is charming twee-pop band from NYC that released their debut EP, “We Are In a Car”, last month. All of the songs on the new EP are written from the perspective of “Sally” – a fictional character whose heart has been through Hell and back, and then to Hell again. Sally (the band) consists of songwriter/guitarist Jordan Cooper, vocalist Kristen Gudsnuk, drummer/percussionist Will Kastner and bassist Steve Rauscher.

While all of Sally’s songs chronicle the ‘perils’ and frustrations of relationships, this is by no means an ‘emo’ album. Kristen Gudsnuk (who also drew the cartoons below) chronicles these tales in innocent and childlike voice while the other members of the band create a catchy indie-pop backdrop, which is complete with accordion, glockenspiel, kazoo, and melodica. These catchy melodies though ‘hide’ the lyrics so you can be humming along to each of the songs after a listen or two without really noticing that you are singing about Sally’s neuroses and frustrations. One of my favorite numbers on the disc is the charging pop/rock number “Friends are Foes” which contains the lyrics “Girls are stupid, shallow brats / And guys make me want to die / I can't be a part of that / So I'll just be all alone tonight”.

Sally is working on their debut full-length and there are a number of songs over- and-above what is on the new EP posted on the band’s website (link below).

Sally (the band)