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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Brian Grosz CD Release Party at Luna Lounge in Brooklyn on June 27th

Brian Grosz CD Release Party @ Luna Lounge on June 27thDogs of Winter frontman Brian Grosz is releasing his first solo CD this Tuesday and the CD release party is at the Luna Lounge the next night.

Musically, this disc is a departure from the hard-rock sounds of Dogs of Winter. Grosz heads into late-night, whiskey soaked territory occupied by Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Tom Waits and Everlast. There is a quote from Dee Snider on the press release that accompanied this CD that says "Tom Waits + Nine Inch Nails + a BAD attitude = One Cool Ass, Mutha F*cking CD". That is a pretty good description of what this disc sounds like. This is the kind of music that you can easily imagine coming off the jukebox in some down-and-out bar (think the Mars Bar in the East Village or Tommy's in Williamsburg) while the regulars are all trying to decide whether to drink all night or go home and sleep it off.

The songs on this disc cut across a range of styles and all of the tracks are held together by Grosz's strong voice, which ranges from a whiskey rasp to a whisper. The lyrical themes are all dark -- this isn't light stuff but rather tales of twisted relationships and murder/suicide ballads. The sound on this disc is full and open -- a welcome return to the days when music wasn't over-produced and the listener can really understand the driving forces behind the music. There is also some very interesting non-conventional instrumentation on this disc (cookware, cat purring, etc.) which adds to the atmosphere of the disc.

Brian Grosz - Recording with Cookware
I am looking forward to seeing Grosz's show at Luna Lounge as the club has good sound and low lights which should make for a perfect atmosphere. Grosz goes on at 7:30PM and tickets are only $10.

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