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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tramp's White Lion off Poison/Ratt Tour -- Replaced by Vains of Jenna

Vains of Jenna Playing Don Hills on July 2ndAfter White Lion guitarist Vito Bratta "surfaced" last month on Eddie Trunk's radio show and took the stage both nights at the L'Amour reunion, I think a number of people were hoping for a White Lion reunion. Bratta even said "[h]e never ruled out a White Lion reunion, just was not able to do it when Tramp wanted to due to family obligations and tending to his sick Dad who passed away 2 years ago." Bratta also said that "[h]e is not happy that Tramp does different versions of White Lion and says that hurts his desire to work with him again. He'd like it to stop and said it's like a girlfriend cheating on you." (quotes from

It doesn't sound like a White Lion reunion will take place anytime soon as a threatened law suit by Bratta got Tramp's White Lion dropped from the Poison/Ratt tour.

"On behalf of myself and WHITE LION, I would like to clear up the many misperceptions and rumors that have been created by Live Nation's decision to withdraw WHITE LION as the opening act of the summer 2007 POISON tour. While we are limited in what we can say about the issue because of pending litigation, we can inform everyone that Live Nation's decision was not based on any controversy over whether Mike Tramp has the legal right to perform as WHITE LION. Our information is that Live Nation's decision was based upon a threatened lawsuit by former WHITE LION guitarist Vito Bratta. Even though Live Nation believed Vito's lawsuit to be frivolous and had confirmed that Mike Tramp has the legal right to perform as WHITE LION, they did not want to spend 'one dollar' on litigation. Faced with the cancellation of a tour that was to begin within weeks, our attorneys went the extra mile to work out a deal with Vito Bratta to drop his threatened lawsuit but even with the threat of litigation eliminated, Live Nation continued on their ill-informed course of dropping WHITE LION from the POISON tour. Like myself, I know that there are many fans across the United States who are extremely disappointed by Live Nation's decision and we intend to use all options to fight this arbitrary and misinformed decision. Hopefully, there will be a day when decisions about staging a rock n' roll tour will be more about pleasing the fans and less about conservative and baseless corporate decisions. Unfortunately, as has been the case far too many times, instead of playing rock n' roll as planned, we are going to end up in court."

Vains of Jenna will be replacing White Lion on this tour. VoJ have a good reputation as a solid Guns N' Roses style punk/metal band so they should be a welcome addition to the tour. Vains of Jenna is also headlining a show at Don Hill's on July 2nd.