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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Interesting CDs on Next Week's CD Release Schedule

Billboard has listed some interesting releases coming out on Tuesday:

Deep Purple - They All Came Down to Montreaux 2x DVD
This is a 187 minute 2x DVD set of Deep Purple performing live in Montreaux in 2006. This could be a fun one.

DVD Disc #1: 'Pictures Of Home', 'Things I Never Said', 'Strange Kind Of Woman', 'Rapture Of The Deep', 'Wrong Man', 'The Well-Dressed Guitar', 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye', 'When A Blind Man Cries', 'Lazy', Keyboard Solo, 'Space Truckin’', 'Highway Star', 'Smoke On The Water', 'Hush', 'Too Much Fun', 'Black Night'.

DVD Bonus Disc #2 (London Hard Rock): 'Fireball', 'I Got Your Number', 'Strange Kind Of Woman', 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye', 'Rapture Of The Deep', 'Wrong Man', 'Lazy', 'Perfect Strangers', 'Highway Star', 'Smoke On The Water'.

Halford - Metal God Essentials
It is always a debate whether 'best of' CDs are worthwhile because, in the majority of case, if I like the artist, I'll buy the original CDs. This CD/DVD set covers the best of Halford from '92 - '07 but what makes this release interesting is the inclusion of 4 previously unreleased tracks (one is a remix) and a bonus DVD exclusive to this release.

The bonus DVD contains:
1. Resurrection - Behind The Scenes
2. Live Insurrection - Behind The Scenes
3. Made In Hell
4. Betrayal
5. In The Morning
6. Silent Screams
7. Never Satisfied
8. Forgotten Generation

Psychic TV - Hell is Invisible..Heaven is Here
Genesis has reformed Psychic TV (PTV3) and this is his first new studio release under the PTV name in 12 years. Based on the songs I heard the band do at the Galapagos shows last year, this should be a gret release.

Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris
Evidently there is a Circuit City and a FYE Edition with Bonus Tracks. You can only assume that the bonus tracks will differ between these editions. (Why make it easy for fans?)

Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation (Deluxe Edition)
This looks essential -- The reissue contains live versions of all of the studio cuts, demos, rarities, etc. Rolling Stone has posted an article with more details about this release.

Suzanne Vega - Beauty and Crime
This is supposed to be her best release in years.

The View - Hats off to the Buskers (with 3 bonus tracks)
Their debut CD has been out for under a year and already it is being reissued with bonus tracks. The bonus tracks are two live tracks (Skay Trenchy and Same Jeans) and a cut that was previously released in the UK (Posh Boys). This doesn't look essential...