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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sometimes There is Justice in the World...

Ticketmaster is giving away tickets (You still have to pay the $5.00 convenience charge) to Sunday's Ted Nugent show at Noika Theatre (link). The password is "catscratch".

I would have considered seeing The Doors (Riders on the Storm) the last time Ticketmaster did this but I am sitting here (listening to the new Ill Bill tracks) and LMAO over Nugent's inability to sell tickets. I have never cared for the man, his music or his politics.

On a more positive note, I caught Ill Bill playing with La Coka Nostra at the Knitting Factory last year and the guy can definitely rock the mic. Ill Bill is playing the Grand Ballroom @ The Manhattan Center on August 9th as part of the Strange Noize Tour.

Ill Bill's MySpace page (link)
Ted Nugent's Website (link)