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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some Days I Can't Figure Out the Logic in Concert Ticket Pricing

I always get a kick out of looking through the upcoming concert listings in TimeOutNY to see the wide range of concert ticket prices.

Asia are Playing Irving Plaza on June 20thI actually saw Asia a couple years ago at Borders Books in somewhere in central New Jersey. It was a free show and I got a chance to talk with Geoff Downes and John Payne after the show who were really nice guys. Now that the original band is back together -- tickets are $65. I'll be shocked if the band gets a strong turn-out. If Ticketmaster ends up selling last minute $5.00 tickets for this show like they did for The Doors at Noika a few weeks ago, I might consider going.

I generally won't pay more than $15 for a show (some of the 'Save CBGB' shows were an exception) unless I am a major fan. Here are some of the crazier ticket prices:

Violent Femmes @ Warsaw June 22-23, $25- I didn't know the band was still around...and playing two nights at Warsaw no less. I would be afraid of going as I would suspect the audience would be full of drunks waiting to sing along with Blister In the Sun.

The Police @ MSG Aug. 1 & 3, Top ticket $254.50 - The sad thing is that the $250 tickets will probably sell out first. You have to love Ticketmaster -- the ticket isn't $250 or $255, it is $254.50. I am sure there is some psychological study that jutifies these oddly priced tickets.

Squeeze @ Noika Theatre Aug. 2, $50 and $65 - When I was growing up in Baltimore in the 80's, Squeeze played the local college and the movie theatre (and any place that would let them in the door). I had heard that attendance had fallen each tour and I think(?) the (then) final lineup of Squeeze played the Mercury Lounge in the late 90s. Does being gone 7 or so years really get you a $50 ticket at Noika or a up-to-$100 ticket at the Beacon?