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Sunday, June 03, 2007

An Update on Cartel - The Band in The Bubble

I haven't made up my mind whether this is crazy...or crazy smart. I originally couldn't figure out what the big deal is about a third-rate emo/bubblegum band spending a couple weeks in a bubble in Hudson River Park. As much as I don't like the band, I don't think I was giving the band's management sufficient credit as every news media has covered the "band in the bubble" (and now I am writing about the band as well). CMJ even has a daily bubblog (blog) from the bubble on its home page.

CMJ just published a schedule of upcoming events at the bubble:
06/02 - Harlem Boys & Girls Choir record two tracks
06/03 - Mass harmonica audition
06/04 - Knicks City Dancers perform a routine to a Cartel song
06/05 - Amanda Bynes stops by
06/06 - Surprise guests
06/07 - Winner of the Dr Pepper Cartel design announced
06/08 - Wyclef visit

If the band can sell more records because of this crazy media stunt, more power to them.