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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ford and Fitzrory @ Pianos, July 19th, 2007

Ford & Fitzroy just finished a series of residency shows at Pianos. I caught up with Jay (singer) and Glenn (lead guitar) right before they took the stage on their second night of the residency.

Ford and Fitzroy @ Pianos, July 19, 2007
How did this set of residency shows come about?
Glenn: Jasper & Zack (Pianos booking agents) like the band

Jay: We recently played with Zack’s band [The Octagon] at the Mercury Lounge

How was the first night of the residency?
Jay: It was a good show and we are expecting each show to get better and better. As we are playing every week, we go into each show with a “high” and a sense of confidence from the previous show. The turnout for the first show was good (and there was a strong turnout for the second show as well).

Glenn: People stopped to listen when we played last week

How long has the band been together and what are the plans after this set of shows?
Glenn: The current band has been has been together about 1 - 1.5 years. Some of the band played together in a previous band.

In terms of future plans, the band will mostly be doing things around New York as it is hard to go anywhere without a car. Future plans include a show in Boston in September with HALLELUJAH THE HILLS, who are old friends of ours. (The show is Sept 29th at PA's Lounge)

The band is also recording its first CD later this year, around the Aug/Sept. timeframe and is currently looking at a short list of producers/engineers.

Jay: Releasing the CD is the top-priority for 2008.

Jay: The band came together around a love of Tom Waits. Things started picking up for the band last summer and we have been playing shows at a number of clubs around town. (which have included Mercury Lounge, Sin-e, Luna Lounge, Annex, Midway, etc.)

Ford and Fitzroy @ Pianos, July 19, 2007
Any thoughts on the recent closing of a number of New York clubs? (Some reviewers see the closing of CBGB as the end of an era; others [Ian MacKaye] have essentially said ‘it’s just a room’)
Glenn: I miss Tonic and Sin-e but there is always another club opening

Jay: I don’t want to get nostalgic

What are you listening to these days/what’s in your iPod and are there any bands on the NYC scene that you like?
Jay: I’m listening to a lot of 60’s music and just picked up the Phil Spector Back to Mono box set. A Christmas Gift for You (Disc 4 of the box) is great and I picked up the box for $11.99.

I haven’t kept up with a lot of the bands playing around town but I do like Vietnam. I like bands with a retro sound who add something to the sound to take it to the next level.

Glenn: I listen to a lot of obscure 60’s girl groups. (Note: I asked Glenn about his thoughts on the recent girl group bands like The Pipettes). I like The Pipettes – great harmonies.

On the local scene, I like Man Man – they have a great Tom Waits feel.

Ford and Fitzroy @ Pianos, July 19, 2007
What would be your “ultimate” band to tour with?
Jay/Glenn: Tom Waits!! (BR: by this point in the interview, I am slowly starting to figure out that these guys are Tom Waits fans)

Do you have any interest in any of the bands that reunited this year for summer tours (Smashing Pumpkins, The Police, Genesis, etc.)?
Jay: There isn’t much that excites me this summer. The last reunion that I got excited about was The Pixies. Van Halen might be fun from a nostalgia point of view.

Glenn: Mission of Burma’s reunion was the last one I got excited about.

At this point, the band had to leave to get ready to take the stage…

Ford and Fitzroy @ Pianos, July 19, 2007----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The band's live show has a "wow" factor and Glenn's observation was dead-on -- I was one of the people that "stopped to listen". The band completely held my attention for the duration of their set and, by the end of the set, I wanted more.

Check out a live video of the band from the Moveable Hype party earlier this year.

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