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Monday, July 09, 2007

Tramps White Lion Playing L'Amour on July 29th

Tramps White Lion Playing L'Amour on July 29thIt is great to see the big acts return to L'Amour. Tramps White Lion is headlining the club on July 29th.

It is completely unrealistic to think that Vito Bratta might join the band on stage but one can always hope...After all, Bratta performed three times thus far at the re-opened club. did an interview with x-White Lion bassist James Lomenza (currently playing with Megadeth) and he said that he would be open to a White Lion reunion. If the opportunity arose, would you participate in a WHITE LION reunion?

James: "Actually, I almost have twice." Really?

James: "Yeah, I've found along the way that there's so many really cool people who dug that band. It's funny… I'll come to the MEGADETH shows and they cue right up. They'll have all the albums for me to sign and everything (laughs). I've come to find that people are really appreciative of that style of music and it's nostalgic for them, so I understand what that's about. There were a couple of things that came up just before we started this MEGADETH tour. I sat down with a couple of friends of mine from the band POISON and some other bands. On the way out of the dinner, the guys said, 'You know, we'd love to have WHITE LION out with us this summer…' and I said, 'Wow, that probably would be great. I can't do it right now because I'm in MEGADETH, but that's a great idea. Let me get (WHITE LION vocalist) Mike (Tramp) on the phone….' So I called Mike and he went to go spearhead it and I think him and (former WHITE LION guitarist) Vito (Bratta) got into some verbal fisticuffs on the radio, so it probably won't happen for them. A bunch of years ago just before I joined BLACK LABEL SOCIETY there was some speculation…about the group doing some European stuff, but again, I couldn't participate. But I would. If it would make people happy, why not?"
The other national act playing the club is Michael Schenker Group, who are playing Sunday, July 22nd. There have been rumors flying around that Schenker postponed his tour and here is the latest from Blabbermouth:

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP guitarist/keyboardist Wayne Findlay has posted a message on his web site confirming that "the MSG remaining U.S. shows have been put on hold." An official statement on the matter is expected shortly.

Michael Schenker previously posted a message on his web site that the band's U.S. tour would continue as planned.
As always, call the club before heading out to a show.

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