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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

S.S.S - Short Sharp Shock CD Review

S.S.S. (Short Sharp Shock) CD ReviewLiverpool's Short Sharp Shock (S.S.S.) is Earache Records' latest signing. The new self-titled CD is the band's first full-length and it is a welcome return to the sounds of 80's skate-thrash. S.S.S. takes a page from the early/mid 80's California metal scene and obvious points of comparison would be bands like Mustaine/Burton-era Metallica, Megadeth, and Exodus. Frontman Foxy explains: "The music, it breaks down barriers of all kinds. Don't know why or how, what with today's musical tastes of glitz and glam and watered down crap. Maybe thrash is such an old dinosaur that people have forgotten it and not it's new again..."

The new CD contains 17 songs; most of which clock in under two minutes. Check out of DIY video for Warhorse and you will get a good feel for the band's sound.

Warhorse Video

There is an interview with the band on Earache's site that provides some great background material on the band. To start with the band's history...

How long has SSS been in existence? What releases have you put out before signing to Earache?

MARK: We got together in March 2004 I think. We had around 6 practices, made a demo and started playing gigs. We then put out a self titled 7" EP, which was a split release though our own Thrashgig label and Dead and Gone records. We then saved up our pennies and recorded and released our album, which is again self titled. Earache heard this and offered us a deal, including re-mastering and re-releasing this album for June 07.

Surprisingly, the self-titled 7" is still available through the band's MySpace page. (This is going to be one of those "buy now or pay eBay prices later")

S.S.S. Self-Titled 7 InchSSS -self titled 7" 4 songs-CDC/Bath Night/Thrash with a small Moustache/BLACK NIGHT WHITE LIGHT--->LAST FEW COPPIES!

UK-3.99...EUROPE-4.75...WORLD...5.25...copy with poster+comic

S.S.S. - Short Sharp ShockThe new CD came out last month and a limited edition colored vinyl edition was released earlier this month. S.S.S frontman Foxy has this to say about the coloured vinyls: "Everyone likes something thats unique and that noone else has got. Well this is true for 100 lucky souls that can claim a limited red wax SSS lp. Eighty copies of the red vinyl edition (which was only sold through the band's MySpace page) are completely gone and the remaining copies will be sold at the band's Aug 8th show in Liverpool.

Here is a couple more snippets from the Earache interview (the full text is on the Earache site). The only question that I have is why Coney Island's Cyclone isn't one of Foxy's favorite roller coasters. (I would think a Brooklyn show would resolve this issue -- just think, Agnostic Front is playing Cha-Cha's in Coney Island. Maybe S.S.S. will be next...)

How would you describe your brand of thrash?
FOXY: I have O.T.D...(old timers disease) - I can’t get rid of it! It’s in my blood for the rest of my days. It’s a bitter affliction, it wont budge. It’s got a hold on me and I cant shake it - a lot like our musical tastes. Suicidal Tendencies and SOD take away the pain of today's illness...and modern musical climate.
MARK: We're not talented enough to play straight up thrash metal, plus we don't have the attention span, so we focus in on more of the crossover sound - liberally nicking bits from
DRI, Excel, Suicidal Tendencies, SOD, No Mercy, etc. We all come from a punk rock and hardcore background, so that high energy and hard impact is essential to our sound.

You hail from the home of the Beatles - how do you think the rest of the world views Liverpool?
FOXY: Burnt-out, broken in cars on bricks, curly hair and tashes, 3 football teams (I hate footy), drug addicts, shell suit tracksuits and dirty women. It’s a hole...but its our hole.
MARK: The rest of the UK views us as a dump, and the rest of the world probably only knows us from The Beatles and football, so I don't care. I love it here (and I love the Beatles too)!

What can we expect to see at a live SSS show?
FOXY: Human wreckage, head banging, crap moustaches.
MARK: Pigs heads, idiots, beards.

Foxy, the word on the street is you love roller coasters. What’s the fascination?
FOXY: Ha! Who told you that? But ya...coasters RIP! Speed is the need...my need is speed. Wooden coasters are the KING! The threat of these wooden thrashers falling over or coming off the tracks and you flying out, smashing your face on the ground with broken teeth, is always high on my list!

Here’s my top 10:
1.The Phoenix - Elysburg, Pennsylvania (Old school park + AIRTIME KING!)
2.The Beast - Cincinnati, Ohio (Didn’t a thrash band write a song about this? WINK WINK)
3.Grand National – Blackpool, UK (Killer humps that will rip you out your seat!)
4. Son of Beast - Cincinnati, OH (Wood with a loop!)
5. Shivering Timbers - Muskegon, MI (A MAMMOTH of a coaster!)
6. Giant Dipper - Santa Cruz, CA (A classic/sick 80s arcade in Neptune's kingdom)
7. The Texas Giant - Arlington, TX (One word....relentless)
8. The Comet - Lake George, NY (100 continuous rides in 2002!)
9. Meanstreak - Sandusky. OH (Great before trim breaks added...all girl thrash band named after it!)
10.Thunderbolt - West Mifflin, PA (Old as the hills, plus the lights on the cars work)

Short Sharp Shock are:
Foxy – Singer
Magill(Mark) - Bass
Broomo – Guitar
Dave - Drums

Anyway, to sum it all up, this CD is a must for any fan of old school early-80's metal. The band is currently touring the UK with Municpal Waste and here is hoping that a US tour follows.

Earache Records (link)
S.S.S.'s MySpace page (link)