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Sunday, July 08, 2007

An Interview with Theo and the Skyscrapers (Theo and Sean)

Theo and the Skyscrapers - So Many Ways to DieTheo & the Skyscrapers have a new CD "So Many Ways to Die" which will be released this Tuesday and the band's tour started yesterday in Philadelphia. The band is playing the Knitting Factory on August 11th.

So, without further preamble, here is the interview...

Old and Boring Stuff

BrooklynRocks- What is the current status of the Lunachicks? What lead to the reunion show in 2004? Any further reunion shows planned?

Theo- Everyone is well, we are family. No shows planned.

BrooklynRocks-I read an interview with Gina (Bantam/x-Lunachicks) where she said that the only men that approach women in bands after the show are either 40 year old guys who live in their mother’s basement or 14 year olds still going through puberty. Any thoughts on this? Is life on the road not the days of heady debauchery that David Lee Roth and Quiet Riot wanted everyone to think it was?

Theo- I think it is generally less crazy for women, because many guys are intimidated by us...and come to think of it- i got asked for a kiss by a 14 year old with braces this past week in Italy and was given a sunflower ripped out of the ground by a creepy over 40 year old man, so I guess it is still true. I have witnessed males in bands getting A LOT more groupie action on tour. Plus, Lunachicks definitely had a "special" audience at times. .

BrooklynRocks- What is up with the Toilet Boys reunion CD? How did it come together? What role does Theo play on the new CD? Is there a tour planned (and will Theo and Debbie Harry be a part of it)?

Sean- the CD is coming out on DEAD CITY RECORDS, basically cause they wanted to release anything we had, so instead of putting out some shitty old demos we decided to re- record some of the songs we were writing before we stopped playing. Theo and Debbie Harry make appearances on 2 songs... in SEX MUSIC as a Radio Host and Call In Requester, and at the end of DRUG OF CHOICE- shouting out their drugs of choice.

There are no tour plans.

Theo and the Skyscrapers

BrooklynRocks- How did the Sean and Theo start writing together?

Theo- We kind of just did... it was natural, it was a while ago and we recorded with an 8 track cassette the first time in a rehearsal room in NYC!

BrooklynRocks- I generally hear horror stories about a band’s first show – what was the first T.A.T.S show like and where did it take place?

Theo- it was at Plaid in NYC , which is now closed and it was sort of super nerve-racking but it was very crowded ! We've come a long way since...Morningwood played too!

BrooklynRocks- What’s the new CD like and how does it differ from the first?

Theo- Electronic bass!! And it's more focused and has a more of a concept - it is a bit simpler in a stripped down way and I think the writing is better...

BrooklynRocks- How did you end up releasing the CD yourself?

Theo- Seems like more and more DIY is the way to go- it's always been that way in many ways, but we don't want to wait around for anything at this point. And we don't have to.

BrooklynRocks- Are you planning on signing bands to your new label (like Joan Jett and Blackheart Records) or is this just a vehicle for T.A.T.S?

Sean- Who knows - anything is possible, but we definitely wouldn't want to do that before all the pieces are in place.

BrooklynRocks- Are there any songs in the live show that didn’t make it to the CD?

Sean- who knows, in Italy we ran out of songs and wrote one on the spot especially for those crazy Italians!! Anything is possible!

BrooklynRocks- How did you end up starting the tour in Italy? Any thoughts on the current tour? (shows, bands you are looking forward to playing with)

Sean- Italy just kind of happened... Our friends in the Big Art Group asked Theo and I to score and perform a couple songs for a show they were doing there, then the festival asked us to play as the grand finally. It was an amazing time.

As for the U.S. tour- looking forward to all of it! We play with the Static Age, the Start, and there are always some awesome local bands that you get to see along the way.... can't wait!

BrooklynRocks- What are your thoughts on the current state New York club scene? (Sin-e, CBGB, Continental, Coney Island High, Brownies, etc. are all now closed)

Theo- SAD SAD SAD...less and less live music venues in a city that should have and had so many. Say helllooo to Brooklyn, people!

Sean- It's sad, but that is New York for ya... it's kind of a love it or leave it situation... roll with the punches kind of thing. The whole cities changed so much that it is obvious that the pockets of creativity would change too...

BrooklynRocks- What are the plans for T.A.T.S after the CD release and tour? (new recordings, other projects, etc.) Any major labels interested in the CD?

Sean- more touring recording and theatre performances... check out our 'Screentest' show.

A collaboration with director Rob Roth... we will be doing that again in January!

Music Scene

BrooklynRocks- How has the press treated this CD and the last? How tough is it to get mainstream press coverage when it seems that the biggest press coverage of female-fronted bands is pop (Brittney) or American Idol (Kelly Clarkson)?

Sean- We really don't pay much attention to that stuff... we do what we do and don't really give a fuck about the way it's received or who's receiving it.

Theo- We got a lot of coverage on the last CD- mainstream doesn’t always matter although it helps for sure - the more coverage the better! - The new Cd is just getting out there and so far has been well received.

BrooklynRocks- Do you keep up with any of the new bands on the NY club circuit? Are there any bands that you think will break out? What is the last band that you paid money to see?

Sean- the last band I would have paid money to see is the HORRORS... they were fucking amazing!!!

THEO- I don't really know.. I can't remember who I paid money to see last- I am kind of spoiled in that way...we have lots friends in bands, I don't want to mention one band without mentioning all ...

BrooklynRocks- Thoughts on bands reuniting…It seems almost every band possible has now reunited (Flipper, Dead Boys, Sham 69, Gorilla Biscuits). Any thoughts on this and any bands you wish had stayed “gone”? Any bands (with living members) that you would like to see reunited? Any plans to attend any of the summer reunion tours (The Police, Genesis, The Stray Cats, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.)

Theo- Make that money I say to them! And have fun, hopefully...I didn't see the Sex Pistols reunion if that tells you anything....Not planning to see any of it right now 'cuz we'll be on tour!

EEEEEeeeew Genesis!!!!

Many thanks to Kristina @ Cohn & Wolfe for setting up this interview.

Theo and the Skyscrapers MySpace page (link)