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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Self-Righteous Brothers - In Loving Memory Of...

The Self-Righteous Brothers - In Loving Memory Of...I have had a couple tracks from The Self-Righteous Brothers' In Loving Memory Of.. CD on my iPod for the last few weeks and have been playing them almost non-stop. The CD was released just about a month ago on Black & Greene Records and the band played a show right around the time of the release at the Mercury Lounge.

The first song Concerto In Drop D is a quirky power-pop tune about unrequited love. (Actually, all of the SRB tracks that I have heard seem to be about unrequited love.) Musically, the song is in same the vein as tunes by Fountains of Wayne or early Cheap Trick.

The second song, Diana, is a power-ballad ode to Princess Diana. While this tune isn't as "pop" as Concerto In Drop D, it isn't that much of a stylastic departure.

The third song, Sidecar Jesus, is a radical departure from the pop sounds of the previously mentioned tracks. This tune straddles the line between alt-country and punk. With its steel guitar and acoustic drums, this tune is comparable to work by the Violent Femmes and Frank Smith.

The Self-Righteous Brothers are talented musicians with a unique view (and imprint) on this genre of music. Based on the tracks that I have heard, this CD should be well worth checking out.

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