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Friday, July 06, 2007

Talk to Mink in Union Square Tomorrow

This looks like this could be fun!

Don’t feel like heading to the Jerz for Live Earth or staying inside to watch it on TV? Wanna get warmed up before 77 drummers steal your ears in Brooklyn?

Come on down to Union Square tomorrow afternoon (Sat, 7/7/07) and grill MINK. To compliment their current single “Talk To Me,” we have a set designed where you can come and ask MINK about their upcoming tour, life on the road, high school crushes, eating habits, what makes them cry... ANYTHING.

The band will be in Union Square from around 2PM on!

MINK are at Crash Mansion tonight at 10PM, then they head out to play dates with KISS, others with Satellite Party, then Lollapalooza!

They’ll also be MYSPACE “BAND OF THE WEEK” next week

Mink's MySpace page (link)