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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beware of the Bad Seed - iPhone Game Review (realtech VR)

With Beware of the Bad Seed, realtech VR brings a 3-D twist to the classic whack-a-mole game. There are three different modes within the game - a timed mode where you need to score as many points as possible within sixty seconds, an arcade mode where you play until you lose five of your daisies and a straight-forward tic-tac-toe mode.

Beware of the Bad Seed - iPhone Game Review (realtech VR)

The game board is a 3 x 3 grid of flowerpots which you can rotate around by using the arrows at the bottom of the screen. The objective of the arcade and timed mode is to hit the carnivorous plants in the head as they pop out of flowerpots before they eat one of the daisies; all the while making sure that you don't hit one of the smiling, dancing daisies as you are tapping. There are different point values assigned to the different types of carnivorous plants and the higher value plants require multiple taps before they will drop back into the pot.

iphone screenshot

This is a fun game and it goes fairly quickly so you can easily play a round or two in a spare couple of minutes. Beware of the Bad Seed is available for $.99 cents in the AppSotre.

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