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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Future Fight: iPhone Game Review (Bloober Team)

Future Fight: iPhone Game Review (Bloober Team)I want to start this review by stating one of my biases - I like my warfare games to be 'shoot 'em ups' where the only strategy needed is to "kill everything while avoiding being killed". As such, Future Fight just isn't my cup of tea as the game play is closer to Risk (the board game) than Roswell Fighter or Assault Squadron. That being said, Future Fight seems to offer a lot for the strategy gamer.

Future Fight was developed by the Bloober Team, who had previously released the blood and guts WiiWare game Last Flight, and this game is a battle-only spin-off from upcoming iPad game Gender Wars. Piotr Babieno, one of game producers, commented that “Future Fight will focus on battle and will exclusively have Operations mode in which player will focus only on tactical management of his armies and fighting battles, so we decided that it will be better to establish new branch of games for fans of gameplay over storyline”.

Future Fight offers a 'Quick Battle' mode along with the core 'Operations' mode. To keep things interesting, there is also a hot-seat multi-player mode. With each turn, you get to chose one action that one ship within your fleet can take. These actions range from moving to a new position, firing upon an enemy ship, repairing one of your ships or bribing one of the enemy ships. Both your action and your enemy's action are executed at the same time so there is never a guarantee that an intended target will remain in its position. Each level ends when one side defeats all of the opponent ships on the board.

Future Fight is available for $4.99 in the AppStore.

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