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Monday, June 28, 2010

Early Graves - Goner CD Review // Show at Union Pool on July 17th

Early Graves - Goner CD Review (Metal Blade)San Francisco's Early Graves just released Goner (Ironclad Recordings / Metal Blade) as the follow-up to their 2008 debut We: The Guillotine. The band comes across like a runaway freight train as they thunder through ten tracks in twenty-six minutes with a sound that combines noise rock (Halo of Flies), hardcore (Poison Idea, Black Flag) and crust (Discharge). As such, it goes without saying that these guys are angry and pissed off. Tim Green's analog production adds to the grime and squalor of the disc, bringing both the dissonant guitar work and Makh Daniels’ hoarse growl to the front of the mix.

Lyrically, this is a rather dark album. Here is a quote from Makh Daniels on the new disc: "The last couple years have been kinda rough and for most of us, you hit times in your life when shit is basically spiraling out of control and you try to reign it in but it just doesn't ever seem to work so you drink it away. Basically you dig yourself further in the hole because you don't know any other way. A lot of the lyrics, while not being a concept record, have a lot of the same themes of loneliness and depression and substance abuse running through each song. I think us as a band getting together and writing these songs and writing these lyrics got out a lot of bad dark shit that has been under the surface for all of us. Like an exorcism of sorts. I hope maybe this record will connect with some people who are goin' through the same kinda shit."

Early Graves is touring throughout July with The Funeral Pyre and the tour stops at Union Pool on July 17th.

Here is the full set of tour dates:
July 1 – Dallas, TX @ Renos Chop Shop
July 2 – San Antonio, TX @ Zombies!!!
July 3 – Austin, TX @ Red 7
July 5 – Memphis, TN @ TBA
July 6 – Nashville, TN @ The Black Church
July 7 – Louisville, KY @ Skull Alley
July 8 – Columbus, OH @ 15th House (369 e. 15th ave)
July 9 – Columbus, OH @ the Cara Bar
July 10 – Gloversville, NY @ Limbos
July 11 – Jamaica Plain, MA @ The Midway Cafe
July 12 – Boston, MA @ Church Of Boston. 69 Killmarnock St.
July 13 – Dover, New Hampshire @ Dover Brickhouse
July 14 – Haverhill, MA @ Anchors Up
July 15 – Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes
July 16 – Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
July 17 – Brooklyn, NY @The Union Pool
July 18 – Pittsburgh, PA @Belvedere’s
July 19 -Toledo, OH @ The Black Cherry
July 20 – Milwaukee WI @ the borg ward
July 21 – St Louis, MO @ Fubar
July 22 – Kansas City, MO @ Aftershock
July 23 – Lincoln, NE @The Manor
July 24 – Denver, CO @ Blastomat
July 25 – Cheyenne, WY @ Ernie November
July 26 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Outer Rim
July 27 – Garden City, ID @ Brawl Studios
July 28 – Spokane, WA @ Mootsy’s
July 29 – Seattle, Wa @ The Morgue
July 30 – Portland, OR @ Plan B
July 31 – Bellingham, WA @ JINX artspace
August 1 – Salem, OR @ TBA
August 2 – Reno, NV @ Ryans Saloon
August 3 – San Francisco, CA @ Submission Gallery

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