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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meshuggah - "Alive" DVD/CD Review (Nuclear Blast)

Meshuggah - It is hard to let a Meshuggah CD slip through the cracks but I'm afraid that I did. This DVD/CD set came out in February on Nuclear Blast and documents the band's 2008-09 obZen World Tour.

I was only sent a copy of the CD for review so I can't comment on the DVD. The CD contains twelve of the twenty-three tracks on the DVD (strangely, in different order):

1. Begin (Outtakes)(DVD)
2. Perpetual Black Second (Tokyo)(CD/DVD)
3. Twenty Two Hours (Outtakes)(DVD)
4. Pravus (Tokyo)(CD/DVD)
5. Dissemination (Outtakes)(DVD)
6. Bleed (NYC)(CD/DVD)
7. Ritual (Outtakes)(DVD)
8. New Millennium Cyanide Christ (Montreal)(CD/DVD)
9. Cleanse (Outtakes)(DVD)
1. Stengah (Montreal)(CD/DVD)
11. The Mouth Licking What You ve Bled (Montreal)(CD/DVD)
12. Machine (Outtakes)(DVD)
13. Electric Red (Tokyo)(CD/DVD)
14. Solidarius (Outtakes)(DVD)
15. Rational Gaze (Tokyo)(CD/DVD)
16. Moment (Outtakes)(DVD)
17. Lethargica (Toronto)(CD/DVD)
18. Communicate (Outtakes)(DVD)
19. Combustion (Toronto)(CD/DVD)
2. Humiliative (Montreal)(CD/DVD)
21. Infinitum (Outtakes)(DVD)
22. Straws Pulled At Random (Toronto)(CD/DVD)
23. End (Outtakes)(DVD)

Meshuggah's strength has always been their live show so the CD doesn't disappoint. The performance on the disc comes from the band's show at the 2008 Loudpark Festival in Tokyo along with cuts from the band's North American run of shows last February. One of the tracks includes "Bleed" which was filmed at Irving Plaza.

Meshuggah is touring in Europe next month and here are the upcoming tour dates:

July 01, 2010 -- Peace & Love Festival, Borlänge, Sweden
July 02, 2010 -- Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark
July 09, 2010 -- Getaway Rock Festival, Gävle, The, Sweden
July 10, 2010 -- Sonisphere Festival, Madrid, Spain, Yes, Spain
July 16, 2010 -- Hegyalja Festival, Tokaj, Hungary, Same, Hungary
July 17, 2010 -- Zwarte Cross Festival, Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands, Guessing, Netherlands
July 30, 2010 -- Qstock Festival, Oulo, Finland