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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bodega Girls Release New Single "We are Losers" // Show at Home Sweet Home on June 17th

PREMIERE: Bodega Girls - We Are Losers

Bodega Girls Release New Single Boston's Bodega Girls are releasing a new track tomorrow, "We Are Losers", as an exclusive free download via To mark the release, the band is playing a show on Thursday June 17 at Home Sweet Home (131 Chrystie Street) supporting Kid Sister.

BODEGA GIRLS, a band of tricksters, hedonists and good-for-nothings whose morals defy even the most perverted of human beings.

BODEGA GIRLS Only an audience so bloodthirsty and sex starved as they could take pleasure in the world of bra-busting, pants-dropping debauchery they have to offer.

BODEGA GIRLS A musical troupe performing acts of sexuality and persuasion with their own God-given instruments, turning on the already depraved, as well as the naive. ..

BODEGA GIRLS A sick cinematic slew of sweaty skimp and callous kink. An unadulterated penetration into the gaping hole of the sicko's soul...

BODEGA GIRLS The human id - illustrated in flesh and guitar strings. Hourglass figures and experienced fingers prance and wriggle their way across the stage, screen and into your psyche. An orgy of sleaze, desire, and rock and roll music - brought to life in bouncy, jiggly technicolor...

BODEGA GIRLS Hedonistic purveyors of Soul, too well endowed and too world renowned to be confined to lo rent clubs and white bred soundstages – look for their sonic ebony to explode at a party near you.

BODEGA GIRLS Dance. Fuck. Sweat. Dance some more

Bodega Girls