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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cro-Mags "Alpha Omega" (1992) CD To Be Reissued on Divebomb Records

Cro-Mags I'm probably in the minority as I still think this is a pretty good disc. This was the Cro-Mags third disc and the sound is firmly in the crossover thrash genre. While detractors moan about how the band had moved away from the NYHC sound of The Age of Quarrel, crossover thrash was red-hot at this time. Biohazard released Urban Discipline in 1992 and the sound reached the mainstream the following year with the Judgement Night soundtrack.

Divebomb Records has partnered up with Century Media Records to reissue one of the most overlooked crossover albums ever, CRO-MAGS’ Alpha Omega. Only 1000 CDs will be pressed up for this special reissue. Since the original release of Alpha Omega in 1992, its creative origins have been long argued amongst the band members, and with so many turbulent rumors floating about it’s no wonder this record has neither been properly understood nor – even worse – acknowledged by many Cro-Mags fans.

Reissue highlights:
- New introduction by Andrew of
- Contains bonus music video
- Out of print for years
- Limited Edition of 1,000 (CD ONLY)
- Remastered by Jamie King (May 2010)

01 See The Signs
02 Eyes Of Tomorrow
03 The Other Side Of Madness (Revenge)
04 Apocalypse Now
05 The Paths Of Perfection
06 Victims
07 VII
08 Kuruksetra
09 Changes
+ The Paths Of Perfection (Music Video)

Divebomb Records has a pre-order going now till 7/13 which includes free shipping.

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