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Monday, May 28, 2007

Cold War Kids and Cloud Cult - Legal Music Download

Nathan Willet & Cold War KidsI think I must be the few bloggers who have never what the Cold War Kids sound like so I was looking forward to hearing Cold War Kids lead singer Nathan Willet perform on The Interface. Willet performed two songs, We Used to Vacation and Hospital Beds. Unfortunately neither song did much for me. I didn't like Willet's voice and didn't find the lyrical content that interesting. It was all just a bit too "emo" for my tastes so, while I'll give the full band a listen, I am going to pass on Willet's solo work going forward.

Cloud CultBrooklynVegan has been a big fan of Cloud Cult and, based on this podcast, I can see why. This podcast was recorded on March 17th, 2007 as part of's live broadcasts from Austin, Texas during SXSW 2007. (There are some pictures from the recording session on Flickr.) The music is very interesting and obviously carefully arranged. It seems as though every note and every vocal has a purpose but no one sound overpowers another. I also enjoyed hearing what the band had to say during their interview. They have some pretty positive views on operating the band as a non-profit and maintaining an strong eco-friendly stance. On this podcast, the band performs Chain Reaction, Pretty Voice, Chemicals Collide, Washed Your Car and Son is Watching.

I'm very interested in hearing more from Cloud Cult.

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