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Monday, May 28, 2007

Monster Bobby and the Pipettes Play Other Music on June 5th

Monster BobbyThe Pipettes and Monster Bobby are playing an acoustic set at Other Music on June 5th before The Pipettes show at the Highline Ballroom that night. The Pipettes' MySpace page states that the Other Music performance is at 7PM but that doesn't seem to allow a lot of time for two bands (Pipettes and Monster Bobby) to perform and sign autographs prior to the Highline Ballroom show. No information is posted to Other Music's site at the present.

This show marks Monster Bobby's NYC solo debut. For those who don't know, according to Wikipedia...Monster Bobby is one of the principal songwriters for the Pipettes, and is the guitarist for The Cassettes, their all-boy back-up musicians. He is frequently credited by the Pipettes both with developing the idea of a modern girl group, and with introducing the members of Pipettes to one another. He has been described as the group's "Concept Engineer" (to use Kodwo Eshun's terminology), but rejects any notion of "individual genius" in his role with the Pipettes, stating that "most of the most interesting music is made in such a collective fashion that it is very hard to assign individual responsibility".

Monster Bobby has opened for the Pipettes countless times on a fairly casual basis in England and throughout Europe but for the very first time, he is actually receiving proper billing at venues throughout North America in advance of the mid-July release of his album Gaps, on the Hypnote label.

There are a couple advance mp3s from Monster Bobby's forthcoming CD posted to the Internet:

"The Closest Experience to That of Being WIth You Is The Experience of Taking Drugs"
"The Burning Ambition of Early Diuretics"