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Monday, May 21, 2007

Alexa Wilkinson @ Mo Pitkin's on Thursday, June 7th

Alexa Wilkinson @ Mo Pitkins, June 7thLos Angeles' Alexa Wilkinson is playing Mo Pitkin's on June 7th in support of her debut CD Lullaby Appetite, which was released on DNK Records.

I haven't heard much by Wilkinson but she generated a good buzz after a show at the Viper Room last year and I like her sound based on the video that she has posted online (link) and the tracks on her MySpace page (link).

“I think a lot of what makes music great is the story behind the artist. All artists have a shared passion for music, but every single person has a different story and a different experience to share.” – Alexa Wilkinson

ALEXA WILKINSON is more than meets the eye. Her pretty, girl-next-door face on a petite 5-foot 4-inch frame suggests nothing of the emotional maturity displayed in her debut album “Lullaby Appetite,” now available on iTunes and scheduled for public release this June through DNK Records. Alexa’s evolution into a musical artist originated from common childhood experiences.

Lullaby Appetite consists of 11 songs that display a unique of blend of music from jazz, rock and folk influences. Penned and performed by Alexa herself, these songs represent her own personal journey through life, love, acceptance, and lessons learned. Her fresh, smooth vocals slide easily around the extremely memorable melodies, toe-tapping rhythms and sprite guitar playing. The lyrics are rich with expression, exposing a vulnerability and honesty without na├»vete. Rather there is an emotional maturity of looking at life with an optimistic eye, accepting one’s mistakes, and moving on.

From the jazz inspired “Sad Eyed Annabelle, to the upbeat and edgy “Good Fight,” Alexa’s songs center around love and relationships, something which everyone can relate to. In “Sad Eyed Annabelle,” Alexa portrays an unhealthy relationship where the girl is manipulating the boy, whereas “Good Fight” reveals Wilkinson’s more playful side, such as picking a fight in a relationship. Fan favorite and Alexa’s first single, “Of Graves” depicts a young woman reminiscing about a past lover, while “Lullaby Appetite” talks about a long-distance friendship.

Mo Pitkin's
34 Avenue A (b/n E 2nd and 3rd Sts.)
New York, NY 10009
(212) 777-5660

WHEN: Thursday, June 7th @ 9pm

SUBWAYS: F/V to 2nd and Houston (exit at 1st Ave.)

TICKETS: $8 (18 and over)