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Saturday, May 12, 2007

OzzFest Pre-Tickets Are Available as of Noon Today

OzzFest 2007 Pre-Tickets are Now AvailableI registered for a chance to get tickets but I suspect this will turn out to be a real boondoggle. I hope everyone interested in this show understands all the steps involved in getting tickets. Today's registration doesn't do anything more than give you the right to try and get tickets when they are made available on June 12th. Reservered seats will be distributed first so...the reality is that if you want a reserved seat, you need to purchase the limited pre-sale version of Ozzy's new CD, Black Rain. Pre-sale CD purchasers can redeem the code included in their CD for tickets in advance of the general public. Pre-sale redemption dates run from June 8 - June 11. I am now wondering if the pre-sale is over as the page that had the pre-sale purchase information is now a bad link.

I also get a kick that the ticket site is explicitly spelling out that parking will be a separate charge. The OzzFest FAQs state:

Q: The websites say that I have to pay for parking. Parking is usually free at this concert site. What gives?
A: Parking actually isn’t free - the cost of parking is included in the cost of a ticket. Because the tickets to Ozzfest are free, there will be a per car charge for parking.
Mike's interpretation -- Expect parking to be expensive.

All-in-all, I'd like to see this show but if it turns out to be too much of a pain -- I am really not going to miss driving all the way out to PNC. (I still can't believe there are no NYC dates)