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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dell Computers Customer Service Sucks

The caring folks at Dell ComputersOK...I get up Friday morning and my computer doesn't turn on. This shouldn't be a problem because it is a fairly new machine and I bought a three year service contract from Dell. I spend about an hour on the phone going through the basics..."yes, I know what a power cord is", "yes, the cord is in the wall", "yes, I did try different cords and different outlets". Finally, Dell agrees to send a technician to fix my machine. I was expecting an email confirmation on when this person would arrive and called back to find out. The person at Dell didn't bother to complete the trouble ticket so no tech was scheduled. So...another hour of "yes, the power cord is still in the wall [and I did all of this yesterday]". This time they wanted to go further and ask me to unclamp wires, etc. The whole time I am wondering why I am paying for tech support when all that seems to get me is a voice on the phone reading the computer tech manual to me. After an hour of this nonsense, Dell finally agrees to send a tech (and I did get an email confirmation this time).

Here are the "joys" of paying for an "evening and weekend service contract"...the part will be sent out by mail and a tech will come out to install it on Thursday. I would hate to see what a standard service contract gets you.

Anyway, it looks like things will be somewhat quiet on the BrooklynRocks front for the next few days as I am borrowing computer access until my machine is fixed.