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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Jarboe (x-Swans) Plays Water Street Lounge, Brooklyn on May 26th

Water Street Lougne is an intimate space so it should be the perfect setting for a show by Jarboe. (The gig poster is pretty cool too).

Jarboe @ Water Street Lounge, BrooklynWHO: The Living Jarboe, The Angelic Process, Black Mayonnaise, Yellow Tears

WHERE: Underwater Lounge at Water Street Restaurant, 66 Water St., DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY

WHEN: Saturday, May 26, 2007. Doors at 8:00 pm.


CONTACT: Water Street Restaurant & Lounge, 66 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201-1048
Phone: (718) 625-9352 • Fax: (718) 625-9350 • info@waterstreetrestaurant.com

The Underwater Lounge and THTFL are proud to present The Living Jarboe on Saturday, May 26, 2007, with guests The Angelic Process, Black Mayonnaise, and Yellow Tears.

Jarboe’s name is the stuff of legend, after years with the seminal experimental noise/post-punk band Swans. Picking up where Swans left off, Jarboe channels experiences ranging from her early exposure to snake-handling revivals in the Mississippi delta, to parents who were in the FBI, to participation in a lounge act, experimental performance in gallery & live radio settings, and her 14-year collaboration in worldwide concerts to assert a new presence – at times ethereal, knowing, seductive, and vitriolic. She explores identities as she explores voices, ranging from schoolgirl to seductress to demon.

“Jarboe's aesthetic runs the gamut from rural blues to extreme experimental metal; think Diamanda Galas with less shrieking, more seething. The former member of Swans and World of Skin's recent album The Conduit features haunting art songs written around texts by poet Joshua Fraser, as well as members of her online fan community. A chilling, mesmerizing performer – albeit one to avoid in dark alleys...save the mental ones she maps out in her songs.” — The Stranger, Seattle, WA
“Her vocal shifts almost effortlessly from sinister whisper to telephonic spoken word and an almost Gothic Country croon." — Edwin Pouncey, The Wire, (UK)
Jarboe’s musical explorations have led to select comparisons to other female musicians with regard for their success in penetrating the otherwise male-dominated “rock” subculture. Featured prominently in Andrea Juno’s Angry Women In Rock, and Adele Olivia Gladwell’s women’s studies/cultural theory work Catamania, Jarboe is also a recipient of the corporate sponsored “Work In Progress” arts program that has resulted in the rock theatre The Living Jarboe being performed in New York, Chicago, and Atlanta.

“My friends Diamanda Galas and Lydia Lunch have these images of being really powerful and strong, and we were sitting around, laughing about how we're consistently told how strong we are – but to me, vulnerability is strength. I try to bring back the vulnerability where I try to break down the barrier between the performer and the audience. I think of myself as a communicator, who's trying to translate something real.” — Jarboe, as quoted in The Portland [OR] Mercury
She has performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Porto as a guest of the Serralves Foundation in Europe. Other performances have included PS122 in NYC, tours with the Italian avant-garde group, Larsen and the American rock group, Neurosis as well as The Living Jarboe performances in the Baltic region, which included cathedrals as venues. A 2005 East Coast tour of intense pieces involved renowned San Francisco band Amber Asylum. Jarboe’s list of collaborators includes Michael Gira, Bill Laswell, Jim Thirlwell, Lustmord, PanSonic, Mark Spybey, Steven Severin, James Izzo, Chris Connelly, Alan Sparhawk, Neurosis, Edward KaSpel, William Faith, David J, David Torn, Paz Lenchantin, Bill Rieflin, Iva Davies, Blixa Bargeld, Kris Force, Nic Le Ban, Julia Kent, Brian Castillo, Renee Nelson, and Lary Seven. She has worked with visual artists in design / film / photography including: Richard Kern, Beth B, Laura Levine, Wim Van De Hulst, Cedric Victor-DeSouza, and music video director Chad Rullman.

* * *
Black Mayonnaise is the one-man bedroom doom project of Akron, Ohio's Mike Duncan, whose extremely disturbing music features dying Elephant Man gurgles as vocals mixed with detuned sludge metal guitar and an overall cough-syrup-spacerock feel. Those not in tune might call it "depressing," but for slow-mo headbangers and psych-freaks alike, it serves as a blessing of beautiful bleakness.

On the new Revolver release TTSSATTSR, the nine-minute "Spherics," for example, begins with a grueling six-minute intro of space gurgles and a slow Melvins-like kick/snare pattern, but the payoff is a rush of Sabbath-on-16-guitar flood that runs like a river of mayonnaise. Good things come for those who wait.
“TTSSATTSR reminded me of an old Stephen King story, where a man drinks a bad can of beer and turns into this ravenous, gelatinous ooze. Black Mayonnaise have written the score to that tale. Gurgle gurgle.” — John Pegoraro, Stonerrock.com

* * *
Formed in 2001, Athens, Georgia’s The Angelic Process have spent the last 5 years creating some of the most exciting and unique music ever heard. Pioneers and figureheads of the Ambient Drone Metal subgenre of extreme music, their influence can be found in numerous bands that have come of age in their wake. Fusing the layered guitar drone of My Bloody Valentine, the epic sound and tribal thump of Neurosis, the emotional bloodletting of Swans, and complex, yet fluidly shifting time signatures, The Angelic Process have forged new musical ground and over the course of a nine releases on labels all over the world, have refined and defined a sound that one listener described as "the sound my soul makes." Blasting noise, complex melodies, droning guitar resonance, rippling bass, tom-heavy tribal drums, and hauntingly emotional vocals collide to create violently ambient songs that have a definite shape and progression, but envelope the audience in warm, bombastic soundscapes.
“…the audio equivalent of slipping into the vent of a volcano that’s actually the world’s largest washing machine, to be swirled around for infinity in a state of absolute confusion bordering on rapturous bliss.” — Gerald Robinson in Vampire Magazine, on the new Angelic Process release Weighing Souls With Sand
* * *
New York's sludge-noise mongers Yellow Tears drip out some molasses electronics wallowing in its own filth. Four cro-magnons armed with a couple of basses, a guitar, some electronics, voice and a drill aim right for the skull in hopes to pump out some of that gray matter. l to 100 in blood-splattered volume on top of slaughtered deer.
* * *

Situated on the cobblestone streets of DUMBO's historic waterfront, Water Street Restaurant & Lounge fills the bottom two floors of a landmark warehouse and iron foundry, over 7,000 square feet of dramatic raw space that dates back to 1887. The lower level opens into the spacious UnderWater Lounge , a venue featuring local and national experimental, noise, rock, and pop acts amid shimmering lights against stone and brick walls. Recent performances have included: Time of Orchids, Toby Driver, Unearthly Trance, Growing, James Plotkin & Tim Wyskida and Holopaw.

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