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Monday, May 07, 2007

My Views on Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy MP3 Leaks

I am finding all these (supposed) leaks pretty funny as I don't believe for a minute that this is anything more than promo attempts for the "forthcoming" release.

Earlier today, Blabbermouth reported that:

A studio mix of another new GUNS N' ROSES song, "There Was a Time", was leaked on Sunday, May 6, making it the fourth new GN'R track in two days to be released via the Internet ("The Blues", "Chinese Democracy" and "I.R.S." were leaked two days earlier). "There Was a Time" (also known as "T.W.A.T.") was played live only twice — at the first New York City warm-up show on May 12, 2006 and Madrid, Spain on May 25, 2006 — and was mentioned as one of GN'R singer Axl Rose's favorites in an interview he gave to Rolling Stone magazine in January 2006. All tracks are rumored to be set for inclusion on GUNS N' ROSES' upcoming album "Chinese Democracy".

Let's get real -- is the band or someone from the band's camp leaking these songs or are there shadowy figures in Spain who are selling songs from the completed CD for $2,500 per track. (see story in idolator). The only concession that I'd be willing to give is that these "shadowy figures" could be from the record company and they are trying to recoup lost expenses.