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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ted Leo - Legal Music Downloads

Ted Leo Live on Spinner.comI hate it when I "wake up" and realize that a brilliant band has been right under my nose for quite a number of years. I lived in DC for years and have always been sort of aware of Ted Leo and Chisel. I just don't remember seeing them play. Once I moved to New York, I never bothered going to see him play as a solo artist. The live performance that Leo gave for The Interface is simply brilliant.

This podcast (link below) contains Leo playing four songs solo electric and he gives a brief interview. The songs performed are "Bleeding Powers", "Who Do You Love", "A Bottle of Buckie" and "Timorous Me". I can't say enough how much I have enjoyed this. I had heard Leo slagged as being a Paul Weller clone but he really sound nothing like Weller. His vocal style is probably closer to Phil Lynott or Joe Jackson.

Here is a link to the podcast (link) and there are additional live video and audio on Leo's website.

Leo's new CD Living with the Living was released earlier this year on Tounch & Go Records.


Ted Leo Main Website (link)
Ted Leo MySpace (link)